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The Templar Class has three lines that it can master: Aedric Spear, Dawn’s Wrath, and Restoring Light. Most people believe that this class is mostly a supportive type of class typically healing and supporting allies, however, this is not true.

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The Aedric Spear class is predominantly an offensive skill set. This set of skills entails attacking and damage dealing abilities. Additionally, this skill set includes spells that increase the amount of damage dealt by the Templar. The first recommended skill inherent of the Aedric Spear is the Radial Sweep skill. It is a spell that, during gameplay, damages all nearby enemies within a definitive radius. It is an extremely powerful attack that, within a 5 meter range, hits all enemies and becomes more powerful and has a wider range when it is leveled up. Radial Sweep is a fantastic spell for massive combat and has substantial damage dealing capabilities. The more enemies it falls upon, the more effective it is, and the faster experience the Elder Scrolls can gain as seen When it comes to dealing huge damage to multiple enemies, this is the spell other players will ask the Templar to use.

When it comes to dealing damage against a single enemy, however, the Puncture Strikes skill is the way to go. Puncture Strikes is also within the Aedric Skill set and is a series of 4 attacks that damages an enemy with the last attack knocking the foe back. This is not only a great skill because it can be used on only one enemy, but can also be used on several, whether playing solo or in a group. The attack can start by targeting a single enemy, but each successive hit can be used on a different one if they are closing in on the Templar and are within range. The damage is then divided between the enemies that were hit depending on how many times each enemy was struck. This spell is also great because it does not cost that much magicka so can be used frequently. This is also a fantastic skill because if the final attack hits the target he will be knocked back allowing the Templar to cast a ranged spell to attack the enemy again or heal itself or cast a defensive spell.

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The final recommended damage dealing skill is also within the Aedric Skill set. It is the Piercing Javelin which is used against a single target. The target will also be knocked back after being hit allowing the Templar to benefit, as discussed above, choosing what they want to do with the increased range from the enemy. It is also highly effective because of its range and can be used on enemies trying to escape.

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