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templarIt can be challenging to level a Templar in the Elder Scrolls Online. To find a good fit for the Templar, you need to choose from all sorts of unique skills, weapons, armor types, and guilds. Read on for some of the most in-depth tips in getting the most of a Templar.

In ESO, you’ll be doing a lot of fighting. You will do well by choosing a weapon that not only will match your playstyle, but also get you through fights easily. In the tutorial area of Coldharbour, you will be given a choice of weapons. The two handler is one of the best weapons you’ll be able to get. Choosing a sword and shield will only slow you down as there are no real challenge early on in the game. At such a low level, you won’t have all that many ranged skills to choose from, although ranged is a good choice for some. It is in the melee range that majority of the fighting will come from. Not only does the two hander offer great burst damage by itself, but it also affords Critical Charge, a charge spell that you can get really early on. And since it will synergize well with the melee templar tree called Aedric Spear, it is a great weapon to choose.

The few skill points you get early on in the game, make sure to put them towards damaging attacks once you get your weapon. The first two you spend on your first weapon’s skill and on Puncturing Strikes in your Aedric Spear line. Drawing from both stamina and Magicka, this will give you some great melee combo opportunities. As a good opener or to kill fleeing opponents, pick up Sun Fire from Dawn’s Wrath afterwards. Get Rushed Ceremony from Restoring Light once you’ve gotten enough skills to take foes down quickly. When you’re fighting tough boss battles, it will save your skin. Since you’ll want to have a good variety of skills to choose from and you’ll always be able to respecialize your skill points later on, level up your three class skill lines together.

Early on, you’ll feel starved for skill points, especially since you don’t even have a full bar of skills available to use yet. For six easy-to-get skyshards and several decent quests to choose from, visit your faction’s starting zone, which can either be Khenarthi’s Roost, Stros M’kai, or Bleakrock Isle.

Side Quests
Any and all quests you come across you should accept in order to level up quickly. Black arrows may appear on the compass at the top of your screen and you will need to keep an eye for them. That means that a quest giver is currently in the area. Not only do they offer rewards of gold, gear, and sometimes even extra skill points, they can also give you the much needed experience you need to level up.

Visiting every black icon on your map to find quests is a good practice. Sometimes, in areas such as with wayshrines, the black icons will turn white after simply visiting. Other times, even if you’re in the area, they remain black. That means that, somewhere around, there’s a quest that’ll give you the opportunity to turn the icon from black to white. Some times, it just means you need to clear the area and kill the boss at the end of the route, especially when in the public dungeons. Ensure you complete everything an area has to offer you without having to back pedal later on by visiting all the icons on your map as you’re out doing your normal quests.

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