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elder scrolls online pvp

The stage is set for Elder Scrolls Online player vs player, or PvP, to be an epic experience. Three core alliances, the Daggerfall Covenant, the Ebonheart Pact, and the Aldmeri Dominion wage constant war to control Cyrodiil. The stakes will be high, with the ultimate winner being crowned emperor. The entire province of Cyrodiil will be dedicated solely to this massive PvP warfare with support for hundreds of players on screen simultaneously.

Three alliances which could be checked in will vie for control of the centrally placed Imperial City. To do so they must contend with other players on the map in an effort to control strategic locations. Large strongholds, farms, and lumber mills will need to be captured from opposing factions, all while maintaining control of your own fortresses and resources. Occupy enough of these essential areas, and your alliance or even your eso templar class can take control of the Ruby Throne of Cyrodiil.

Brute force and magic alone will not be enough to defeat your foes and take control of the province. Massive siege weapons can be captured to destroy your opponent’s defenses. Catapults, ballistae, and battering rams will be at your disposal to crush thick stronghold walls and fortified gates. Destruction of these environmental pieces will be key in winning the fight against the other two alliances.

A “capture the flag” component to the game exists with each alliance’s Elder Scrolls. These artifacts bestow powerful bonuses to all members of the alliance that can capture them from their opponents and return them safely to their stronghold. The bonus from capturing the Elder Scrolls can turn the tide of battle in favor of that faction.

PvP in The Elder Scrolls Online will be accessible and enjoyable for all players of the game. Once hitting level ten, players can venture into the PvP zone and start battling for their alliance. With a combat leveling system in place, everyone will be on an equal footing for a balanced PvP environment. Everyone in the zone proves valuable to their team.

With The Elder Scrolls Online leaderboards you can track personal progress and compare your statistics to your friends and guildmates. Earn points by continuing the PvP fight to purchase bonuses and weapons for domination of the map. You can also use gold from playing outside the PvP zone in place of points. Should you be the highest ranked player of the alliance taking control of the Imperial City, you will be crowned Emperor.

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