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In the Elder Scrolls Online, it is totally up to you to play solo or as a group to explore the land of Tamriel. Of cause, each type will require different character builds. Here is an example of the popular Templar builds and how they work for each type of gameplay.

Group Build

ESO group playIn a group build, it’s best to observe the ‘holy trinity’ of battle. You need a Tank, Healer, and a Damage Dealer. With the Templar, you can easily be a Tank or Healer. The most important factor in c­­­reating a character for the group dynamic is: your own fighting style. If you prefer evading your assailant, your Templar would be best suited to being a healer. The healing Templar is played well as a member of the Argonian race (Reptilian Humanoids) with its Restoration Staff XP bonus or the Breton with its Magika boosts. The Argonian or Breton Templar builds work best with Medium Armor (for evasion) and, of course, the Restoration Staff.

If you plan to play as a Tank with your party, you will find it advantageous to play as an Altmer. Though Altmer’s abilities are for themselves, the boosts in your Magicka will help you defend your group with your Templar’s Aedric Spear or Dawn’s Wrath abilities more effectively.

Solo Build

eso solo play

When playing solo, your character needs to strike a balance between combat skills and defensive abilities to win in battle. You do not have to spread yourself thin by attempting to become a jack-of-all-trades, but you need to know your strengths, strategies, and how to make up for your weaknesses. Luckily, when you play as the Templar, your character already has the two important natural traits: being a gifted healer and fighter.

As a Templar, choosing the Breton race to maximize the healing power with their Magicka boosts is a solid choice for a group or solo play healer. However, to make balanced character for better solo play, when placing skill points, give your healing Breton Templar some abilities from Dawn’s Wrath or Aedric Spear. The Tank Altmer Templar mentioned in the group build section in, could also be a better solo player in eso leveling if you give him some of the abilities from the from the Restoring Light skill set. In ESO, you can also combine 2 types of armor for mixed effects any way you like but it is also effective to instead give a Breton healer full heavy armor to make him a healing tank.

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