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One of the most beloved roles in any MMO game is the healer. The Restoring Light is a great class tree for Templars. The Restoration Staff is a powerful tool for healing for Templars. So if a Templar is looking for a pure healing role, they will want a good combination of the two. At the cost of having low health and stamina, don’t be afraid to put a lot of skill points into Magicka. With both the class skills and weapon skills draining Magicka quickly, the healing art is a very mana-intensive role. So, for added Magicka benefits, make sure to use Light Armor, in order to not only able to heal allies but also able to keep up in long lasting fights. Read on for some of the most common practices in rotating active healing abilities.

  • Regeneration from Restoration Staff
    Lasting for a long time, this a great, relatively Magicka-cheap ability. For constant healing, try to keep it up on your allies. Upgrade it to Mutagen so that when allies drop to low health, you give a powerful instant heal.

  • Grand Healing from Restoration Staff
    Quick healing a target area over time is what this ability enables you to do. While you start using other abilities, have it go to work. For an even longer duration, upgrade it to Illustrious Healing.

  • Healing Ritual from Restoring Light
    When the fight is starting to become overwhelming, this is both a self and group heal that can be used. After the time has expired, upgrade to Lingering Ritual for further healing.

  • Cleansing Ritual from Restoring Light
    Not only does this allows allies to remove their own debuffs with the activated ability Purify, it also allows you to remove debuffs from yourself. It also provide ssome great healing over time. Duration increases by upgrading to Extended Ritual.

  • Rushed Ceremony from Restoring Light
    To heal an ally for a large amount, this makes for a greart single target spell. Provide lesser heals to other nearby allies by upgrading to Breath of Life.

  • (Ultimate) Rite of Passage from Restoring Light
    A powerful and quick healing over time spell is channeled to nearby allies with this ultimate. Increase the channel time and effectiveness by upgrading to Practiced Incarnation.

There are numerous abilities to make your own path in a very open game such as the Elder Scrolls Online. If you want to play a different play style or experiment, don’t be afraid to deviate from the above builds which are just suggestions.

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