The main key to this gold making strategy is selling items to other players through a guild trader. It works like an auction house in a normal MMO and can be found throughout the game. However, it’s only accessible to a guild member.

During the leveing journey in Tamriel as a Templar, you will get a lot of items that you do not need: crafting items, weapons, armors, improvement items, and so on. Do not sell them all right away to an NPC. It’s better to sell to other players since it gives you a better price. They will always be a player who needs your unwanted item.

Other good way to make gold is to simply them from RMT suppliers. Go to and find out which shop is currently offer the best price.

Join Big Trading Guilds

There are many big guilds in the Elder Scrolls Online that always recruit a new member in order to expand their guild traders. They are very easy to join without any condition at all. They will invite everyone and accept all guild request immediately. This makes the guild be very large causing its guild trader to have everything.

For starters, it’s important to be a member of these guilds. And it’s better if you can be a member to all of them. In ESO, you can join many guilds as much as your heart desire.

Big guilds usually have a guild trader in every town. You should be a member in one of these guilds for many reasons. They have a very big store. If you put listing on there, the item you want to sell will be sold easily if the item and the price are right. Selling price here is a lot better than simply selling to NPC.

Do not hesitate to join them. The whole purpose of being a big guild trader is to have more people in their guild to expand listing as much as possible. They want to be more economical that the other guilds. They also make gold from transaction fee whenever you make a listing. Basically, they are always looking for more people and more listing.

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How to Join

Since the trading guild is very open, you can be its member after sending a request to a guild member within an hour or two. You can search them easily by talking to any guild trader in the town that belongs to the guild you want to join, choose “submit”.

Then, you are going to see the listing there. Send a message to the most recent person who just list their items on the guild store saying that you would like to join their guild. You should get a guild invitation within an hour after contacting a few guild members.

After accepting the guild invitation, you are able to sell any items including crafted items through the guild trader right away. There are 4 types of item you should sell here: improvement items, raw materials, crafted item, and epic gear. They are easy to sell and make a lot of profit than simply selling to the NPC.

In case the trading guild reject you because your level is too low, find another guild. They will always be a low-level guild in every town that you go.

Where to Farm Gear

You should not farm gear at all until you reach level cap since your character needs to be powerful enough at some point. A good farming location is located in “Imperial City”. Get into a campaign, enter “Cyrodiil”, teleport to “Fort Ash” and enter to the gate to Imperial City. Then, you can farm for the epic gear in the White-Gold Tower dungeon. In case you cannot go to the Imperial City, farming in Coldhabour is also a good idea.

Not only monsters in this area drop legendary equipment, they also regularly drop trophy items such as Monstrous Tooth, Planar Armor Scraps, and Mark of the Legion. After you collect 60 of them, you can change them to an epic item such as Ring of Willpower which can be sold at a high price in the guild trader.

Since this is one of the most difficult dungeons in the game, you should reach level cap as well as equip good gear. Otherwise, it’s better to make gold by other methods such as crafting.

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