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A great way to level up is through crafting. Not only is it an opportunity to earn some side income, it can also keep you equipped with the most powerful weapons, stat buffs, and the most protective armor available at your level. As you get further and further up the tech tree, you’ll be able to loot even more powerful crafting nodes by leveling up the crafting skills. Usually, in order to fit yourself with the most up to date gear, you’ll want to loot everything you come across, and then sell any leftovers you have to other players. They’d be glad to have them.

Advertise any rare or commonly used items you’ve come across in zone chat to find other players. However, if you become a nuisance, many possible customers will put you on their ignore list, so make sure not to spam the channel. Every 10 or so minutes, just send out a message and wait for people to respond.

Joining a Guild
Another great way to find players to trade with is to join a guild. Guild trade is also a good way to make money. Bringing like-minded players together to do business is a goal for many dedicated trader guilds. You can sell directly or get advice on what’s selling the best and what price to sell things by talking with people through a private guild channel. Located at a town’s treasury is a guild store, and you can gain access to it. There, you can list items for a set price that, even if you’re logged off, players can go in and purchase.

You won’t directly level up through trading and selling which is the same as Blade and Soul leveling guide. But it’s a great way to purchase things such as horses, which will cut down your travel time between quest nodes, and also to gather money for powerful rare armor and weapons.

You will want to stay off the beaten path if you’re a true adventurer. There are commonly neither monsters to kill nor crafting nodes on roads. Although you can find a couple of quests while using a road to get to your destination, in the wild, there are just as many quests. Try to detour through the wilderness whenever you can, when you’ve been told to go to a certain location for a quest. On your way, you’ll find much more out-of-the-way dungeons to clear, chests to pick open, crafting nodes to loot, and plenty of monsters to kill, than if you take the easy route.

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