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What is the Templar Class in Elder Scrolls Online?

The Templar plays the role of both the warrior and the healer. The Templar can dish out the damage but also restore health to self and others. They’re basically the paladin of Elder Scrolls Online universe, a warrior of light that can deal massive magical damage to undead rivals.

Elder Scrolls Online will mark the first appearance of the Templar class. Fans of the western RPG genre will be familiar with the character class from games such as Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2.

The Elder Scroll Online Templar most unique attribute, is their healing abilities, which won’t require a cool down time, so players will be able to heal constantly to avoid untimely deaths.

There are three known special magic abilities of the Templar class so far and they all happen to be sun based.

Known Abilities of The Templar

According to this article from, Sun Strike will be the Templar’s basic attack that will require very little Magicka attribute. The Sun Strike attack looks like a staff of light smacking into enemies.

Next is Sun Fire, a mid-ranged sunlight based attack, that will require more Magicka compared to the Sun Strike ability but is a lot more effective. The attack animation looks like a raging fireball and lives up to it’s name.

Last is Rushed Ceremony, a basic healing spell. This ability will allow the Templar to heal himself, allies around him , and other players that aren’t part of the party as well.

Since the Templar is a warrior class, they are efficient with most weapons in the games, providing a well balanced characters within the world of Elder Scrolls Online for players to chose.

What Type of Player is the Templar Best Suited For?

The ESO Templar would work best for players who know how to divide their responsibility. They must know when and how to step back from the action and give the proper healing to teammates.

Those who like the idea of being the main healer, but loathe the boring aspects of long range attacking classes such as the mage, should enjoy the Templar class.

What Type of Player is the Templar Class Not Suited For?

The Templar would be wasted on players who can’t pay attention to their surroundings. If you get to wrapped up into combat and don’t keep a close eye on you or your teammates health, you’ll be wasting the abilities of the Templar and in return get your team wiped out by the enemy.


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