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Understanding The Templar

In the world of fantasy online gaming, Elder Scrolls is one of the top most widely enjoyed and played games. Since the game is an online role playing game, players are always looking to create their very best character to establish a higher level within the game. The templar is one of the four playable class in the Elder Scrolls Online aparting from the Dragonknight, the Nightblade, and the Sorcerer. This class is very versatile and could be played in various ways. Noted abilities include damage dealing skill through burning sun, the powers of light, and focus on their most prized capability which is to heal teammate and ally health quickly..

Strategies of Templar

Once the class decision is made, the final important way to play a Elder Scrolls Online Templar is by designing a longterm and shorterm game strategy. Since being a Templar embodies several factors, there are some important choices in this sector of gameplay. Because of the versatility of the templar, player can choose to be a DPS, tanker, and healer.


The Damage Dealer is known typically as a combat role and stands as the protector for other healing Templars on the team. This position can place spells on enemies. They have special skills that allow them to create optimum damage through a variety of templar skills. This is where focusing on gaining the skills of the Aedric’s Spear tree and Dawn’s Wrath come in to play. Good weaponry for this game play include the two handed, the sword and the shield. Each are baseline essentials for combat. Points here should be distributed into three areas, Magicka, Stamina and Health. Each of these are vital parts of longevity for the Damage Dealer Warrior Templar.

The second strategy choice is to be a Healing Templar. This is a good role and a common choice for Templar’s because it is an area that they excell in above all other classes of players in the Elder Scroll game. The role of a Healing Templars is diverse and helps to keep all players alive during gameplay. Healers are pivotal players for the team play. Important healing skills to obtain for this class include: the Restoring Light Tree and The Restoration Staff. The focus of points should be to Magicka which is the main tool for healing. Attacking is only a minor concern for this role and with their self healing powers, players would be wise to focus their points on Magicka.

The Thrid gameplay is the Tanker, The Tanker can take an enormous amount of damage and survive. He has a variety of skills, armour and shields that allow him to take the brunt of a battle. He is an important player because he takes the focus away from the Damage Dealer Warrior and the Healer so they can busy themselves with their tasks without being the focus of attacks.

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