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The Templar is one of the playable classes of characters in Elder Scrolls Online. Described as a type of knight, the Templar uses the power of light and the sun to both inflict damage on its enemies as well as help out allies. These sun and light-based attacks and spells are unique to the Templar class and help set it apart from other playable characters. The usage and strategy that come from these skills make the Templar a popular character choice within the game.

Within the Templar class are several races, each with their own unique traits. The Redguard are skilled fighters with a high tolerance for hits, making them more difficult to kill. By contrast the Argonians are more nimble and adept at using magic. Each race uses the special light-based attack system of the Templar class, however, so either way you’ll end up with a unique playing experience.

What really sets the Templar class apart from others within Elder Scrolls Online is their healing abilities. Their special powers allow Templars to heal not only themselves but friends very quickly. That is because healing with a Templar does not come with a cooldown period. That allows healing spells to be cast very quickly and in rapid succession where necessary. A well-developed healer Templar will have the ability to quickly restore health, remove negative effects and lessen the damage received from enemies on all nearby friendly players, not just those directly attached to the party. Many of the advanced healing spells a Templar can hone also possess the ability to restore Magicka, allowing others the chance to more frequently and effectively cast damaging attack spells on enemies.

But the Templar is not just a healing character. They also have some powerful damage attacks that are magic based, again part of the unique light-based attack system they work off of. The “Sun Strike” is the Templar’s primary magic attack and is useful because it not only deals decent damage but requires very little Magicka. “Sun Fire” is another sunlight attack that is more effective and damaging but requires slightly more Magicka to use. More advanced attacks include things such as “Burning Light” which deals extra damage on the enemies with every strike.

Overall the Templar is a unique and advanced character class within the Elder Scrolls Online world which can be played in various strategies. With proper development the Templar’s healing abilities and low drain on Magicka resources would make it a necessary member of any party and in battle one of the most important. It’s ability to effectively attack and inflict damage with a number of spells is equally important, keeping the Templar from being a one-trick class and making it instead a well-rounded character worth pursuing.

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