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The Templar is considered the Paladin of the Elder Scrolls Online. Its healing abilities are vast and designed to be used many ways during in-game quests. Due to the design of the character the player must be skilled enough to split responsibilities. It’s an avatar that can appeal to players looking to stay traditional in roles or those trying to break out of stereotypes.

templar healing

As a defensive physical class, the Templar can inflict damage and heal through light based magic. The basic healing skill tree of the Templar is called Restoring Light. One of the most common healing spells used is Rushed Ceremony. It can be used to heal yourself or up to three others around you. It’s a very strategic spell as it is gained quickly and can be morphed to restore magicka whenever an ally is successfully healed. It can also allow the player to stand back from battle and heal members of his or her group, which is where strategic decision making has to be made.

The spell is not limited by long casting times or cooldown which allows the templar to use it as much as magic reserves allow. If used as a self heal, it can help lengthen a particularly troublesome one-on-one battle if the character is lightly armored. The avatar is designed to be playable in classic massively multiplayer online strategies such as backing up a group’s heavily armored tank, or in new well considered strategies that the players develop. It also appears the no cooldown detail of the spells will allow for healing of an ally being victimized by a spam attacker. Evidence suggests the Templar can be successful in many different roles while questing through the universe.

Some active basic abilities that don’t require cooldown are rushed ceremony, healing ritual, restoring aura, cleansing ritual and radial sweep. Each spell can heal nearby allies and the avatar itself if desired.

More advanced level healing abilities are mending, focused healing and light weaver. Each of these are considered passive abilities.
Templar gameplay and access to healing abilities is affected by what you are welding, is as to be expected. Different weapons open different access for the character. If you find yourself in battle wielding a greatsword, your healing abilities would be limited. If you stood back from battle and switched to a Restoration Staff, you would have access to Grand Healing.

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