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Templars, also known as the Paladins of ESO, is a powerful class that has a ton of uses. Whether you want to be a great healer or use weapons to destroy your enemies, playing a Templar will give you the diversity needed to do the task at hand successfully. You will be able to play your class any way you choose. The faster you level, the more helpful your character will be to the party.

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Race is often very important when choosing a class. While any race can play a Templar, they are most commonly seen as Bretons. This is because most people use them as a source of restoration and support for their party, rather than an attacker. This doesn’t necessarily mean that Bretons make the best Templars in general. For those avoiding joining a party or want to play more solo quests, a high elf may be a more suitable choice for you because that race allows you to play more aggressively.

When you first start to build your Templar, you will not need to worry too much about your build. During the first few levels of your journey, you can get a better idea of how you would like to play. You can hold off a few levels to start spending your points on skills. This will help you make sure that you understand your character and are able to work with it during the higher stages of the game. When you decide on your playing style, then start spending points and building your character to suit your needs. Do not forget to make gold to purchase powerful gear. This will avoid backtracking with the character and help you concentrate on the build.

One of the most common Templar builds involves healing. Templars are one of the best healing classes in the game. This makes them very suitable for group play. Because not too many people want to play a healer, this gives you the upper hand when choosing a group to play with. Many groups will welcome healers with open arms, so you will have the opportunity to choose a group that you can play well with.

Groups will help you to efficiently level your character. Solo leveling is also important and will help you understand more about the main storyline. Most Templars spend equal time in groups and playing alone because it allows them to build well-rounded characters and experiment with fresh concepts. Templars are very adept, and you can play them in a number of different ways.

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