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Templar is one of its kinds that is capable of dealing weapon damage and uses the burning sun and the powers of light to damage the enemies. They also act as healers with its dedicated regaining spells. It is the champion of all the Elders scrolls on internet.


Skill Lines

A Templar can master three lines in class skills. You may choose to distribute the skill points among several branches or you can choose a primary path for the character and spend the skill points for only this line. This will allow for the creation of your own class. With abilities such as armor, racial, and weapon, you are able to mix the class skills with these abilities.

Templar learns;

  • Aedric spear – this consists of determination and energetic pursuit attacking charms that can allow the Templar to harm interrupt and stupefy enemies.
  • Restoring light – this restores and assists the health of your friends.
  • Dawn’s wrath – this contains spells of attacking and debug that makes your oppositions weaker

Choose the prospective spells if you so wish to be in the middle of the fight taking a lot of harms. Templar is the best eso class for tank part because of its healing and protective charms. Both the heavy armor consisting of healing and protective powers gives the class a good solo/hybrid tank.

Tank Support

The tank support is a battlefront whose purpose is to draw provocation from behemoths while backing the party using healing skills and buffs for your templar class guide. The combat focuses its Charge to participate the enemies. Resisting the temptation to load up on violation skills, remember your priority must be defending and giving support to your mates. In the battle, you can use of charms as Right of Passage and Healing Ritual.

Ranged Support

The role of the ranged support is to provide the crowd support and control from a secure distance. Feel free to use light armor and throw away all the points into the stamina. The booster used for the bow or a Breton for caster is very useful racial bonuses for the Templar. Whenever you need help in concentrating your targets, use rushed ceremony to maintain everyone health up and scatter shot to keep your enemies trapped.


These are set guidelines. You may need to correct your build as per your needs depending on the main tower between walls the play style you use. Assist the team members whenever you opt to do it.

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