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In The Elder Scrolls Online, every character will have access to all of the gathering professions. This means that every player will be able to gather wood, ore, herbs and fish. This
makes choosing a crafting profession very simple.

When it comes to choosing a crafting profession for the eso Templar, there are a few things to consider. Let’s look at the different crafting professions:

  • Weaponsmith – Creates weapons of all types.
  • Armorsmith – Crafts armors of all types.
  • Enchanter – Crafts staffs, jewelry and glyphs (enchantments).
  • Alchemist – Crafts potions of all types.
  • Provisioner – Crafts food and drink items of all types.

carved armor

While Alchemist and Provisioner will both be useful for every elder scrolls online classes, the benefits might not be as great for a Templar in comparison to being able to craft your own weapons or armor, for instance. If you plan on leveling very quickly and seeing what endgame has to offer, you may wish to choose Weaponsmith or Armorsmith. This is due to the fact that weapons and armor for the level cap may be hard to come by until more players finish leveling.

Weapons are also generally one of the equipment items that matters most when progressing your character. If you decide to be a tank or melee DPS, you will especially want as powerful of a weapon as possible. If you plan to make your Templar either role, you may wish to consider becoming a Weaponsmith for that reason. Endgame weapons will also most likely be very expensive while the majority of players are still busy with gameplay strategies.

If you are planning on becoming a healing Templar, Enchanter is another possibility that may make a lot of sense. Healing staffs may be rare, and jewelery and glyphs will be valuable to any class or role. As a healer, armor and melee weapons are also slightly less important since ideally you will not be getting damaged often during combat.

Going the Armorsmith route is also an entirely valid option since Armorsmiths will be able to craft all types of armor which is quite good for eso gold. If you are a tank, especially, going this route may make the most sense since armor and shields are what gives you mitigation, avoidance and survivability.

Whether you choose to become a Weaponsmith, Armorsmith, Enchanter or something else, you will be find that none of the crafting professions are required as a Templar. However, it is still important if you want to make some eso gold through crafting. Some do benefit the Templar more than others, however, especially the Armorsmith and Weaponsmith.


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