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The Templar is one of the many elder scrolls online classes that is set to appear in The Elder Scrolls Online. As such, this class has established itself to be a balanced class with the ability to deal damage and heal allies. Focusing directly on the Templar are its sun-based attacks and healing powers. What’s great about the Templar is the class can perform a myriad of roles adopting the role of a tank, healer and attacker. Due to the skill trees being opened, skills, weapons and armory can be unlocked to suit the player’s playstyle.

Depending on what type of skill paths players choose, there’s 3 known skill paths:

  • Sol Spear – The Templar draws in the power of the sun and summon javelins of light.
  • Sun Magic – Project fiery projectiles at enemies and in the same time, control them.
  • Restoring Light – Heal nearby allies.

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