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Classes in Elder Scrolls Online are more about focusing development than defining your character. Unlike most massive multi-player online role playing games, ESO allows the freedom to create as dynamic or concentrated a build as you want. Players level skill and weapon trees unrestricted by the class chosen. So if you want an archer with healing prowess or a tank that grabs aggro from the shadows, you can dapple in another skill tree without weakening the overall ability of your adventurer. Each class offers unique skills and ways of utilizing them. All four have multiple purposes so you can be a tank, healer, or dps without having to stick to a preordained build.


Nightblades use shadows and the night to ambush opponents; It is the only class that can enter stealth while in combat. With the bonuses that medium armor gives to sneak and agility, you can attack quickly and duck back into the shadows. One of the Nightblade skill trees gives you the ability to siphon energy from your enemies. You do not just harm them, you take their health to restore your own. They act as rogues: when they cannot be seen they are the most deadly.


Templars are more prone to face to face combat. They use the power of the burning sun and its light to damage surrounding enemies. The skill trees offer aggressive damage, spells to weaken opponents, and healing abilities to keep your friends alive. It has a lot of DOTs and HOTs, making Templars the fastest class in the game. With this efficiency, you can build a powerful tank or a fearsome dps with healing as an effective backup. You can also pour everything into restoration and protection aspects, to control the battle in your allies’ favor.

Dragon Knight

Dragon Knights are the jack of all trades. Every class can do anything with the free system in Elder Scrolls Online, but the Elder Scrolls Dragon Knights express this most. They embrace the ancient Akaviri martial arts traditions, using battle spirit to conquer foes. They use magic to stun and control enemies. Combining their precise control with the weaponry of your choice allows for the highest damage counts in the game. Their skills are largely flame based, including fiery breath and magma armor. They physically alter the world around them: no opponent can escape destruction once they’ve heard a Dragon Knight’s battle roar.


Sorcerer magic materializes as weather phenomenon. They use tornadoes and lighting to damage foes but that is just the beginning of their capabilities. They can buff the effectiveness of later spells, produce magical armor to defend against damage, or physically stun oncoming threats. Sorcerers have the unique ability to summon minions to their aide. While the class is mainly focused on magic use to thwart enemies and protect allies, they can also use weapons in ways that other classes cannot. A sorcerer can infuse a bow with magic to kite enemies from afar.

ESO Class Overview

Whether you build a traditional tank with high health and thick armor, or one that siphons enemy energy to keep its health strong, you will be pleased with the effectiveness of your character. Every class can wield any weapon, wear any armor, and raise any attribute. This make gold making strategy to be very important. Leveling your weapons unlocks new skills to make them more efficient. Light armor can be given to faster tanks, or heavy armor to archers who are not so concerned with movement but need the hp bonus. Health, Magick, and Stamina can be equally balanced to suit an adventurer with many talents, or focused to maximize a role. The class system in Elder Scrolls Online is open to creativity, so tinker with it.

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